1. Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured globally through collaborations with various partners, ensuring diversity and high-quality standards.

2. Do you sell on marketplaces?

Certainly! Whether on marketplaces or directly through us, you’ll receive consistent service. Shopping directly increases your chance of receiving Freebies.

3. Is everything you sell considered luxury?

Our goal at Lullaby Locks is to bring joy and elegance to every child’s wardrobe. While definitions of luxury vary, we ensure quality and comfort in all our accessories.

4. Do you make hair accessories for adults?

Currently, we focus on enchanting hair accessories exclusively for little ones. Adult accessories may be considered in the future.

5. I see your products are categorized by groups. What do these age groups mean?

We've organized our collection to cater to different age ranges, ensuring that our luxury hair accessories complement the unique styles and needs of each group. Here's a quick guide:

  • Baby (0-12 months): Delicate designs for the youngest ones.
  • Toddler (1-3 years): Adorable accessories suitable for active toddlers.
  • Kids (4-8 years): Playful and charming styles for the little ones.
  • Tweens (9-12 years): Trendy options designed to suit pre-adolescent tastes.

Explore our carefully curated range to find the perfect accessory for your little one's age group!

6. I see your products are categorized by groups. What do these age groups mean?

We’ve organized our collection to suit different age ranges. From delicate designs for babies to trendy options for tweens, our accessories cater to unique styles and needs.

7. Can I order custom-made hair accessories?

Absolutely! Feel free to share your ideas or inspirations. Our manufacturers can bring your vision to life, whether for everyday wear or special occasions.

8. Why don’t you sell some of the hair accessories for kids that you sent as freebies with my order?

Your feedback matters! We consider your opinions before deciding to sell certain accessories. Your input helps shape our offerings.

9. My child has a sensitive scalp. Do you have products suitable for sensitive scalps?

Certainly! Our hypoallergenic hair accessories are crafted to provide comfort and prevent irritation, prioritizing the well-being of sensitive scalps.